• We're adding Memory tonight, Mon, May 15th, at 11:59 pm Eastern

    May 15, 2017 by Marea Adejuwon
  • Good Day, Turn Key Blog Team Clients!

    If you were online earlier this month experiencing some downtime, we investigated solutions to avoid future occurrences.  Your uptime and online success are important to us, and we continue to upgrade as we grow.

    We currently have 8GB of memory, and we're adding an additional 8GB bringing us up to 16GB.  Please expect about 15-20 minutes of down time as the server has to be taken down, unracked, opened up, and the memory module installed, reracked, and booted up.

    This extra memory stops our server from going kablooey and blocking everyone from accessing their websites.  Never a fun time late on a Friday or over a weekend.  (Just saying!)  Basically explained in Geek Speak the overload with low memory a result of swapping and causing a high IO load which then maxed out all the other resources and led to downtime.  (Oops)

    As we add more sites to our server, MySQL, Apache, PHP, and backups all require more and more memory. Even though this was a first occurrence, it obviously means its possible that it could happen again, or maybe not, but in the event it does, we want to be prepared.

    Always looking for ways to give you the best!  

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