• Why Thrive is Awesome

    January 22, 2017 by Marea Adejuwon
  • Good Day to You, Everyone!

    Well, I learned a valuable lesson about Announcements.  All of the information (particularly embedded videos) don't come through in the email message.  That teaches me to send messages out earlier in the day when I am more awake!  So, I resend this Announcement about Why Thrive is Awesome to rectify my earlier blunder.

    Some points to clarify, if you already have a website design package from us, then review the video to understand more of it's potential and be sure to subscribe to be a member of their Thrive University mentioned below.  You do not need to purchase a Thrive license, as that is included with your hosting and support package.

    For those of you who haven't heard of Thrive Themes yet, this is a chance to get you caught up on what we've been doing at Turn Key Blog Team for the past year when it comes to website design tools.  WordPress is still the core platform, and Thrive Themes provides the next level to getting your brand out on the internet in a way you control.

    Without further delay, click here to watch the video about Why Thrive is Awesome! in the even you don't see the embedded video below.

    Oops, in my video, I totally forgot to tell you the Thrive Themes Pricing.  Check it out here - 

    Click Here for Pricing via Thrive Affiliate Link

    Remember, all income from referral sales gets donated.  Go ahead and click for a good cause.  Still defining the cause.  More on that as it develops.

    If you already have Thrive Themes in one of our 2016 packages, then

    Click Here for Free Thrive University Training

    Looking for a fresh look to your website?

    Check out our latest website framework ready and waiting for you to personalize it

    Want more great tips for your website and sharing your business?  

    Check out our website while we work on the redesign

    We believe in your ability to create great things online!

    Best regards,

    Marea Adejuwon

    Turn Key Blog Team

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