• DNS Server Issues Have Been Resolved

    March 19, 2016 by Marea Adejuwon
  • Good Day to You!

    Earlier Friday morning we experienced an issue with the Google DNS revolvers. This is the protocol used by your ISP to respond to a visitor trying to resolve (access) a domain. We utilize Googles DNS resolvers as a redundant method to ensure uptime for our DNS services, unfortunately yesterday morning for a limited period that was not been the case.

    This has affected just about everyone who uses their resolvers (around the world across all networks) so we have switched over to our network's DNS resolvers, which instantly resolved any and all issues you may of been having. If you are still having trouble please submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to address the issue immediately.

    On Saturday, we had a drive failure in our server node which we have replaced and it has been rebuilt, this may have caused some sluggishness in the server response this morning.

    Both matters have been resolved, and all sites are available.  Please issue a support ticket or send an email to support@turnkeyblogteam.com if you continue to have problems.

    We want to thank everyone who reached out with support tickets when they initially observed the problem on their website.  

    All smiles,

    The Turn Key Blog Team

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