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Once you have a Domain Name, it has to be hosted somewhere.  We offer amazing Web Hosting services where everything is always 100% yours for life.  If you're looking for a Website Design, it's a natural pair to have with our Web Hosting to unlock the full benefits of our Knowledge Base articles.

When you place an order with us, your rate always remains the same* at every renewal as a thank you for your patronage.  We look forward to hosting your new website!

Here's the data for those looking to compare against other providers...

 Features IncludedWeb Hosting 
Disk Quota (MB)Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth (MB)Unlimited
Max Email AccountsUnlimited
Max DatabasesUnlimited
Max SubDomainsUnlimited
 PHP Version

Current 5.6.3 Up to 7.1 Available 

 SSL Certificate

Lets Encrypt on all Domains for HTTPS 


Daily with a 7 day overwrite
1st day of every month with monthly overwrite

Hosting Support

Support Ticket System
Office Hours for standard maintenance
 24/7 to keep your site up and running

Knowledge Base Membership access to ongoing DIY tips for managing your hosting. 

* Yes, the fine print says the same thing - NO PRICE CHANGES!  See, just enjoy the hosting!

Select a Package

Our standard hosting includes all of the features mentioned above, and it is geared for those of you who have an independent web designer or are comfortable with the technical aspect of website maintenance.  

With Personal Hosting, you have full access to Plugins, cPanel, and even FTP to develop and design your website to personal preferences using WordPress, Joomla, or even Drupal.

When you decide to manage your website on your own, this includes maintenance of updates, flexibility to add plugins, and accepting personal responsibility in the event a hacker breaches your website.  We want to empower our clients to manage their websites, and you are encouraged to select this package.

Term Length Price Per Term Setup Fee You Save
Monthly $39.00 USD $0.00 USD -

Our Managed Hosting includes all of the features mentioned, and it is geared for those of you who do not want to be involved with any technical aspect of website maintenance.  

With Managed Hosting, access to adding Plugins is restricted with no cPanel or FTP to keep you from being confused.  Why restricted?  We need to know what you have installed, why, where you're using it, and understand how to verify if it has been broken.  We are delighted to do research for you, to recommend a plugin to meet your needs, and to manage the updates on that plugin as long as we fully understand why you decided to add it to your website.  

Again with the why?  Truthfully, it makes us feel better in the event an update goes awry and breaks your site.  We need to be aware of all plugins in order to best serve you and resolve any plugin conflicts and maintain your website exactly the way you want it to function.  Once installed, you are free to utilize the plugin to the fullest and to your preference.

When you request our assistance to manage your website, this includes maintenance of updates, monitoring to add plugins, and assisting in the cleanup in the event a hacker breaches your website.  Our Managed Hosting clients want to focus on the front end content, and we are here to support you with the behind the scenes maintenance.

Term Length Price Per Term Setup Fee You Save
Monthly $99.00 USD $0.00 USD -

Do you already have a domain, and you only want to add email?  Do you want a domain and only plan to use email?  You don't need to host a full website, right?  Get this package to start responding professionally to your contacts.  

Here's what you get:  5 professional email addresses labeled with your domain name, price never goes up at renewals, and storage is 25 GB.

Our hosting enables you to route your new email addresses through a Gmail account which gives you 15 GB of storage and can manage all of your email accounts from one location.  (More on that later when you need a tutorial to get it all set up.  Just thought you might want to know in advance.)

Again, this package is strictly for EMAIL ONLY CLIENTS.  Want a website?  Take a look at the other hosting packages.  Thanks!

Term Length Price Per Term Setup Fee You Save
Monthly $3.49 USD $0.00 USD -
Quarterly $10.15 USD $0.00 USD 3.06%
Annually $37.69 USD $0.00 USD 10.00%

Are you just looking to buy a domain name?  Do you already have hosting, and you're not interested in a transfer at this time?  Then, this is the package for you!  Of course, if something changes or an order review means Hosting of some sort is in your future, then, of course, we suggest you come on back here and order yourself some Hosting, OK?

Term Length Price Per Term Setup Fee You Save
Annually $0.00 USD $0.00 USD -

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